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If you doubt my honesty interrogate me: Bernd Hilden brand

If you doubt my honesty interrogate me:

Bernd Hilden brand:

If you doubt my honesty interrogate me:Bernd Hilden brand.Bernd Hilden Brand said last year the rate of aircraft leasing market were very expensive because of high demand for flights.
The charges leveled against them are unfounded Pakistan International Airlines Chief Executive Officer Bernd Hilden brand has released an explanatory statement rejecting leveled the gyalzamat he said.
Bernd Hilden brand

Bernd Hilden Brand said about the investigations into the leasing charges and aircraft leveled and that the investigation of the companies that they are not just about the aircraft leasing they can explain it all to sit than to the fact that the media trial. ”
Recall that yesterday, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has press conference put it confirmed that he was CEO of PIA ECL and came out to the Premier Service the investigation is being carried out on aircraft leasing.

Last year, Prime Minister of Pakistan was PIA’s premiere service was inaugurated on August 14, which was built Brands Nawaz Sharif.

Premier Service critics have termed the project of the state wise and the PIA around Rs three billion loss in the service within six months.


To him that he was not asked to cover their losses and an aircraft leasing had in their hands?

Bernd replied that they were not ‘ plane at the time of the lease of the ceo and all Board were presented in front of PIA issues discussed and approved by the Board, which was given. The plane’s tender was published in the Government tender, and also was to the world. Even the Prime Minister was also presented. ‘

Bernd Hilden brand

In his statement, the Interior Minister said that more than us $8,000 per hour the PIA plane from Sri Lankan Airlines, while on a local airline made the same plane four thousand dollars per hour to get on the lease.

Bernd aldon commenting on this brand said “this statement shows that in terms of how much information the Organization thaqiati leasing because it is matrdaf to Apple comparison with bananas.

Bernd said that PIA, the demand for new it or get a new aircraft, which was that ‘ almost all the facilities that are present in modern planes such as Wi-Fi, flat bed seats, Internet etc. Then, of course, the cost of the lease of such aircraft would be more than such aircraft, which are not all ten years old and it facilities.

Asked when Bernd had no plans to avoid these losses?

Bernd Hilden Brand said last year, market rates were too expensive to lease planes because the aircraft was too much. And do not forget that PIA all leasing companies prefer to work with a company which is not. It was not easy to find suitable aircraft for us. ”

It is important that the CPI is a serious lack of leadership and strategy in the past two years. PIA last year issued a tender for a number of planes and away from the Sri Lankan Airlines.
PIA was the agreement of the VAT lease four aircraft with Sri Lanka, according to an official of the affected relations with an important partner of the PIA, which has not had to change to dry.
Asked when Bernd had no plans to avoid these losses


Then be aircraft Turkish Airlines were finalists for the VAT lease was ready to send Turkish Airlines plane for the suddenly Board rejected it and called the first day on which the tender for dry lease had lived.



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