Christian Bride, Muslim Groom

An example of religious harmony in marriage Egypt:


Christian Bride, Muslim Groom:

Sally and an example of religious harmony in marriage Akram Egypt that Christian Bride, Muslim Groom.
Christian Bride, Muslim Groom2

Last week, the attacks on churches in northern Egypt highlighted the threats to the country’s minority Christian community. But Egypt’s Nile River, the ancient inhabitants nubyn community is an example of Muslim and Christian brotherhood. Correspondent Kelly nkulh where I attended a wedding in the southern city of Aswan was Christian and Muslim bride and groom.

Christian Bride, Muslim Groom2

Akram said that the groom “Everyone was telling me that I should marry a girl of his own community, but I could not stay away from this (Sally).

In sadyd village on the Nile’s west coast today Akram wedding day and are engaged in preparations for the wedding. This is not a traditional wedding, Akram will play according to Christian rites will perform the rituals of his religion while his bride Sally home.
Christian Bride, Muslim Groom2

The village’s first wedding in which the bride and groom of different religions and it was very difficult for the parents as kasn Akram said.

The seven-year parents did not allow them to meet each other.

The people of the community, religious leaders and friends and tried to keep them away from each other, but Akram and Sally would not be looking for any opportunity to meet someone.

To marry another religion for Sally and Akram as pairs in the Nubian community, forbidden or taboo, but is not considered a social evil.

Akram and Sally first met the Nile River where most young couples have walked together and eat ice cream.
Christian Bride, Muslim Groom5

The area is not far from his home.

Akram says Sally meet them, talk to them, I feel good and they were always waiting to meet them.

In another area of ​​Egypt can be dangerous to a marriage.

After the 2011 revolution has been an increase in attacks on Christians in Egypt.

Recently 45 people died in the attacks and dozens were injured.

But Akram is not exactly worried about all these things. He invited people to go home to marry Newbie practice.

Go to the mosque that the Prophet said, pointing out a damaged church caused some damage to religious sites here. He said that local people drove out the people to get out.
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Al pile of books including books in mosque Display of other religions with Christianity.

He said that the Christian religion from the last 800 years later pardoned. He said that there is no other religion in marriage, we should live together.

He said it is not the custom of divorce and multiple marriages in their community. There is a positive effect of the Christian religion, he said.

Christian Bride, Muslim Groom6

The village of sadyd Sally are preparing.

Sally says that customs have nothing to do with others of them. Sally had had to go through quite a long discussion with my family for a wedding.

His father was not ready for marriage but also convinced them of the Sally said.



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