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CIA hacking T Vs all phone world wikiLeak claim

 Wikileaks reveal CIA,s secret heaking tools:

CIA hacking T Vs all phone world wikiLeak claim:

The CIA has turned into the superior hacking operation, sneaking into cutting edge telephones and TVs to keep an eye on individuals around the world, as indicated by a touchy WikiLeaks distribution of implied inside CIA reports on Tuesday,CIA hacking T Vs all phone world wikiLeak claim.
CIA hacking T Vs all phone world wikileak claim1
WikiLeaks has released details of the US intelligence agency CIA secret weapons used by the hacker.
WikiLeaks, including IOC Operating stsm, OS X, and Linux computers and software viruses or damage affecting the Internet routers to be published by the alleged weapons of hacking Windows, Android, Apple.
CIA hacking T Vs all phone world wikileak claim 1

Wikipedia’s Lakes Are some software used in the hacking of himself have made the British intelligence agency MI-five of the intelligence used in the Samsung TV sets hacking is notified software helped to develop the software.

A spokesman for the CIA declined to confirm the information value, saying the truth of the alleged intelligence documents or materials that we can’t explain. On the other hand, the British Home Office documents also have managed to avoid giving a reaction.

BBC security correspondent Gordon courier according to the US National Security Agency (NSA) that was strong as an employee Edward Snowden when the embarrassment faced the disclosure of confidential information and apparently the CIA has said it may face the same situation.

WikiLeaks says its sources whether the exchange of information in order to start the discussion CIA hacking capabilities are beyond the powers.
WikiLeaks sources whether the exchange of information CIA hacking

Wikipedia is Lex, the CIA was working on ways to hack the cars computer control system can be used to kill someone through this method may not be known to anyone about the reasons .
Also invented procedures which can be hacked computers and machines that are not connected to the Internet or through a non-secure networks.
Hacking procedures include information images and hide the secret of storing contents of the computer, on the Subscriptions to work against viruses, hacking method of creating a library-based cars. Including damage to software being stolen from Russia and elsewhere.
Also read Samsung, HTC, Sony manufactured products CIA WhatsApp, signals, telegram, uyybu and chat or discuss other apps chat with the affected hacking Is.
The ICC has been claimed in the documents of the iPhones, the iPads can be found through the established special units to target user location exists, the devices to within camera and microphone I could go on and I could read the text messages on the phone.
WikiLeaks revealed by the 2014 document of the Samsung Smart TV sets plan to hack FM 8000 in which secret was weeping Angel consumers were made fools that have their TV but actually it does not.
Documents the TV set records secret voices and later would be transferred to the CIA’s computer via the Internet.



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