Clashes outside White House as US cities under curfew

Late Sunday some major cities were put under curfew to put an end to the riot done by anti-racism protestors as they started coming back to the streets to voice anger against the cruelty done by the police.

As the President’s administration started branding the group who initiated the six protests as domestic terrorists. Confrontations were still going on between the protestors and police and the people who were breaking into houses.

A small park next to the White House was being tear-gassed, peppers spray and flash banged by the authorities to disband the riots as they were lighting places on fire and damaging properties.

Local US leaders have been requesting people to think about the harm they might be causing to others because of the anger they have on the death of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis. Night curfews were established in cities which include Washington, Los Angeles and Houston.

One protest that was mostly watched by the people was the protest going on outside the state capital in Minneapolis the twin city of St. Paul, as there were a lot of people gathered and marching down the highway.

Muna Abdi who’s a 31-year-old black old joined the protest talked about the situation going on. She said “We have black sons, brothers and friends and we don’t want them to die. We are tired of the way people look at us, we are irritated of the injustice happening with us and this generation is not having it.”

In reference to her son who is 3-year-old, she said: “I want to make sure he stays alive.” Hundreds of police and National Guards were deployed beforehand to control the protest.
Large scale protests were still happening in New York, Washington and Miami. In Washington, riot police were lined up outside the White House as the park near the White House was getting crowded.

The Mayor of Washington issued a curfew for 11:00 pm to 6:00 am after the riot as according to the New York Times the President was rushed by Secret Service agents into an underground bunker at the White House during a protest.

Trump spent around an hour in the bunker which is designed to be used in emergencies which include terrorist attacks, this information was given to us by a Republican who was close to the White House who requested to stay anonymous as people are not allowed to discuss private matters.

Stores Robbed:
With the protest’s stores were also being looted all around the US. Some robbed stores in the neighbourhood of Philadelphia.
Looting was recorded in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica as there were people running out of stores in a popular beach.
Eric Garcetti the city’s mayor said on CNN “Please, use your discretion and go early, go home, stay home and help us make sure that those who want to change this conversion from being about racial justice to be about burning tips and looting thing don’t win today.”
Derek Chauvin the person who knelt on George Floyd’s neck was charged with third-degree murder and is due to appear in court on Monday and the other three officials who were on the scene have been fired but their face was not shown and they were not charged with anything.

The Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz organized the National Guard tripper to restore the order.

Atlanta’s Mayor Kisha Lance Bottoms said Trump who urged police to use tough tactics. She said on CBS “we are beyond the tipping points in this country rhetoric only enflames that.”
Joe Biden Trump’s opponent in November’s presidential election visited the protest. He wrote on Twitter “We are a nation in pain right now, but we must not allow all this pain to destroy us.”

“I am here because I am tired, I am fed up with it. When will this stop?” Doreen Pierre told the AFP during the protest.

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