Covid-19 is a global problem, requires global solution, reiterates PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday restated that Covid-19 is a global problem and we require a global solution to solve this problem urging developed countries to get their minds together and create a solution that helps everyone.

The Prime Minister addressing a virtual United Nations event on Financing for Development during COVID-19 and after it. The event was hosted by the UN secretary-general and the prime ministers of Canada and Jamaica.

During the event, Imran Khan said that when the lockdown was imposed in Pakistan to stop the spread of coronavirus everything halted like other parts of the world.

He said, “As everything halted the biggest issue, we faced was how to help those who were at risk due to coronavirus those who didn’t have a shelter or were a part of the nonformal people in our economy.”

He added, “We have a total population of 220 million and out of this 220 million there are around 150 million people are defencelessness as they are who are people of the non-formal sector, daily wager, weekly wager, those who families are dependent on them to earn money every day that they can eat.”

Talking about the Ehsaas program the Prime Minister said that “We started this program to help those who are in need during this pandemic and it can be easily known as one of the biggest events in Pakistan’s history. In the program, we gave out around 8 million dollars to the people in need.

He also said, “We have been facing other problems as there is a huge drop in the exports and we had a plan to revive our tourism sector but that also declined.”

He also said “We don’t have the fiscal space to help revive our economy and help those who are vulnerable. We had a plan to protect this environment by climate change by planting 10 million trees but all of the money was diverted to deal with effect due to Covid-19 lockdown.”

He added when he talked to the leaders of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Egypt he got to know that those countries were having the same problems as Pakistan.

He said “Therefore I welcome the G20’s initiative” talking about the grouping’s decisions to include all countries under the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) to be qualified for debt relief.

“But bear in mind it has to be bigger than anticipated. You have a developed world with 1.5 million people but the world that is still being developed has a population of six billion people.”

“Unless this problem is dealt universally and is treated as a global problem with a global solution, the world may never recover from the recession that is currently going on if the bigger part of this world’s population is still in poverty.”

Closing the address, the Prime minister urged the UN secretary-general and Prime Ministers of Canada and Jamaica to continue with these initiatives.


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