COVID-19 situation in Sindh not improving: Asad Umar

Federal Minister of Planning Asad Umair said that the coronavirus situation in Sindh has not improved which is concerning for the government and more consultations are going to be held to review the measures.

The federal minister said in his statement that Pakistan’s COVID-19 cases can remain under 400,000 if the health guidelines and SOPs are followed and added that the death rate also declines in the country.

He also said that in five days 5% of people have tested positive for the virus.

Referring the drop in the number of cases to masses following SOPs and preventive measures such as smart lockdown, Umar said that the mid of June, the federal capital have been reporting around 700 cases daily.

He also said, “In Islamabad, the administration and staff did an amazing job.” He added that the same measures will be taken in Karachi to improve the situation.

Asad Umar said “More work can be done in Sindh and a consultation will be held over this in the evening,” pointing out that the situation in Sindh and Karachi has shown any improvement.

Expressing joy over the situation the minister also said that Islamabad has reported only 113 positive cases in the last days.

Umar said that the situation will be improving during the pandemic as the SOPs are being followed and the government will sure that they are followed.

Decrease in Tests

It is appropriate to mention that the testing across the country has decreased from the last month.

The capacity of coronavirus tests has reduced in Sindh by 50% as staff responsible for conducting these tests in hospitals, laboratories and medical centres have been extremely reduced after they got infected from the virus.

In Sindh around 13,899 tests were done on 21 June, 9,841 tests were done on 22 June and the number decreased to 6,597 on 23 June.

By the end of June Punjab had a major decline in the number of coronavirus cases registered, officials said the decline was because of the change in policy and not caused by the decline in a testing capacity.

It was reported that Punjab recorded its highest daily test of 11,739 on 17 June. After which the test number in the province decreased dropping to 7,731 during the last week.



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