Earhquake Island says goodbye

GWADAR: A mud island that had emerged from the sea off Baluchistan Gwadar port as a outcome of a influential earthquake last month is now vanishing fast..

The island named ‘Earthquake Island’ has concerned global curiosity, but scientists had forecast that it won’t last long and will disappear in couple of months.

They said methane gas under the seafloor pushed up the big pile of mud.

When it emerged near the port of Gwadar after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake, the island was about 70 feet high, up to 300 feet wide, and up to 120 feet long.

The area where it was located is about 250 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake.

Fresh satellite images show the island sinking in the sea up to 10 feet, with a little sand around it.

Samples collected by experts of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) are being analyzed as more facts about the island are likely to be unveiled next month.



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