Egypt: Emergency in the country after the attacks on Coptic churches

Egypt: Emergency in the country after the attacks on Coptic churches:

Blasts two churches Egypt:

Cairo:Blasts two churches Egypt as a result of explosions at least 38 people were killed and over 100 injured.According above news details such as foreign news agency reported, resulting in 38 people in blasts at two churches in Egypt were killed and over 100 injured, said the rescue teams personnel dead and injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, where hospital the administration of injured casualties is expected to rise due to the extreme concern of the nose.

Blasts two churches Egypt

After 44 deaths in the bombings of two Coptic churches in Egypt president announced the state of emergency in the country for three months.

This option will find that they will take emergency authorities also searched the house without a warrant. For the implementation of this decree must be approved by the parliament.

Blasts two churches Egypt

Officials said the blast, which killed 26 people in a church in the city tnta and 71 wounded when a second bomb which killed 12 people and wounded 35 in Alexandria church. Authorities say the explosion was at the time when the churches were holy day of Palm Sunday ceremony Christians that claimed responsibility for the attacks by ISIS.

Blasts two churches Egypt

President alfath Sisi was ordered to deploy troops in the country before.

The bombing of the wealth of Islamic extremist organization called the tnta and Alexandria are made.

The group threatened more attacks after the recent attacks in Egypt.
Blasts two churches Egypt

President Sisi’s tough speech after the meeting of the National Security Council.

He will warn that the long and painful war against the jihadists. He said that the imposition of emergency in the country would be after all the legal and constitutional measures.

The majority in parliament supports the president.

Blasts two churches Egypt

In 2013, when attacks on Coptic Christians have increased in recent years, the army had toppled the elected President Mohammad Morsi and launched operations against the Islamists.

Wealth two suicide bombers carried out the attacks say the Islamic. A targeted tnta north of St. George’s Coptic Church.

According to the Department of Health and killed 27 people.
Blasts two churches Egypt

When some were made at that time the church of St. Mark Coptic called hours after police stopped a suicide bomber from entering.

Officials say the bomber detonated the explosives themselves out of the church, which resulted in the deaths of 17 people, including police officers.



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