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Imran to present 4-point agenda on terrorism

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf will present its four point in the All Parties Conference conveyed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to place the country on the accurate track, said PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday. Imran was speaking the Insaf Labour Convention at Aiwan-e-Iqbal here.

He said that he desired to start a dialogue to end violence and take Pakistan out of the “US” War on Terror. He added that he would recommend that we “adopt a policy of reconciliation in the tribal areas (based) on the pattern of Nelson Mandela’s policy.” Imran will also suggest armed action against persons who don’t talk “but once again call an APC before beginning the armed action.”

“I demanded a small meeting with interior minister, chief of army staff and prime minister behind closed doors before the APC because Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is the province most affected by violence. I want to recognize what the government policy on drone strikes is,” he further. “We will try to stand united against terrorism because without getting rid of this menace Pakistan cannot progress,” he further. Talking the convention Imran said that PTI was taking practical steps for the welfare of labourers and an Accountability Bill was being drafted in KP. He said big fish involved in corruption would be nabbed under the Accountability Law in KP.



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