Interior Ministry notified Pakistan Western border reopened for trade

The Interior Ministry announced the opening of three borders crossing on Pakistan’s western border from trade traffic late on Friday night.
The border crossing was closed down on May 1 due to the large lockdown which was enforced across the country.

According to a notification “I am directed to refer to this ministry’s letter of event date May 1, 2020, on the subject cited about and to convey the competent authority has approved management of Afghan transit/bilateral trade and pedestrian movement along with Pakistan to Afghanistan border with effect from June 22.”

Three borders crossing has been specifically ordered to be opened for 24 hours, six days a week. They are Torkham, Chaman, and Ghulam Khan border terminal. The notification says the opening is for import and export traffic and an unlimited number of trucks are to be allowed per day from Afghan transit and bilateral trade while assuring all COVID-19 related standard operation procedures (SOPs) and protocols are being followed.
Trade traffic will be allowed to transit six days a week except for Saturday. On Saturday the border will be open for pedestrian traffic.

The notification reads “Saturday will be reserved for pedestrian movement only at Torkham, Chaman and Ghulam Khan border terminals as per procedure vogue. Standard Quarantine Protocols and SOPs will be applicable for pedestrians as well.

Pakistan has exported Rs 128 million worth of goods to Afghanistan in the last year. The border crossing was opened for round the clock operation in September 2019 by the PTI government but there were complaints regarding staffing levels at borders had not been to take maximum advantage of this.

Western border

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