Karachi Chamber of Commerce demands Sindh take back an extension decision

The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) declined the Sindh government’s decision of extending the lockdown, as Karachi Electronic Dealers Association announced that they will be reopening their businesses from tomorrow.

A statement was released by KCCI which said that “Businesses should be allowed to operate at full capacity.” He also said that the administration will make sure that SOPs are enforced.

The chamber also said if the lockdown goes on many businesses will close down will cause more chaos, unemployment and poverty.

Crackdown on economy
Representatives of the Karachi Electronic Dealers Association said that the lockdown was a crackdown on the economy.

Jameel Paracha said in a press conference “From tomorrow all businesses resume their activities in Karachi.”

The argument between Centre and provinces has wrecked country’s business and also said that the lockdown drama should end.

The trade body said “The virus will not be contained by closing malls and opening residential areas. Neither the Center or Sindh provides relief to traders who had to shut down their businesses for three months.”

Traders are bankrupt
Traders that demand that the government lifts the restrictions said that a large number of them have gone bankrupt.

They also said “The arrests of traders and the fines they are charged with are intolerable. Authorities don’t issue receipts after they are charged with heavy fines.”

They added, “Not providing receipts gets us concerned that the money they pay in fines is even going in the national exchequer.”

They also said that the K-Electric bill will not be paid until they end load shedding in the metropolis and the people should confront the person that comes to cut off electricity. Adding “Stop KE’s monopoly and introduce new power supply companies to provide cheap electricity to the masses.”




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