Medical experts warn British govt to prepare for second virus wave

Medical experts informed the British government regarding the real risk of the second wave of coronavirus after the relaxed their lockdown in England.
The experts in an open letter printed in the British Medical Journal said: “While the future shape of the pandemic in the UK is hard to predict the available evidence shows that local outburst is increasing and the second wave would be a real risk.”
The letter also said, “to ensure that the country is sufficiently prepared to contain the second phase.”
The letter was signed by 16 leading experts which include the heads of Royal College of Surgeons, the Faculty of Public Health and the Royal College of Nursing.
Prime Minister Johnson announced on Tuesday what he called the beginning of the end of national hibernation, allowed reopening of large parts of the hospitality, culture and tourism in England from July 4.
That includes pubs, hotels, restaurants, museums and galleries. The two-meter social distancing rule, in place, since March was also relaxed to one meter, the rule of using items to cover your face is still in effect.
The decision was seen as vital to large parts of the economy which face recession and large-scale job losses after three months of everything being closed and people requested to say at home regulations.
The decision to effectively lifting the lockdown was immediately questioned.
After former government chief scientific adviser, David King, told Sky News television that the move was extraordinarily risky and a political decision than a scientific one.
Alok Sharma the government’s business secretary told the broadcaster the relaxing of restrictions was justified and there was no divergence between making sure that people keep safe and protecting livelihoods.”
The relaxation applies only to England as the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh delegated administration set their guidelines.


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