New Zealand & China reports new cases after a win against the virus

There are over two dozen new coronavirus cases in China and New Zealand got a new coronavirus case after months which show there are still endless challenges present to contain the deadly pandemic, even as some EU nations have started reopening their borders to fellow Europeans.

More than eight million people have been infected with the virus all around the world since it emerged in China late last year. It has caused more than 435,000 deaths and still right in Latin America and South Asia.
Cases have decreased in Europe however governments are eager to relax the lockdown which has saves lives of millions of peoples despise being warned by experts that they should be in lockdown until a vaccine or effective treatment is developed.

The last news that came from China was on Tuesday in which said they have controlled the outbreak, after which 27 new infections were reported in Beijing where a new cluster linked to a wholesale food market has set off mas testing and neighborhood to be locked down.
The Beijing city spokesman Xu Hejian warned that “The epidemic situation in the capital is immensely severe”. Currently, the number of confirmed cases increased to 106.

New Zealand reported their first case after a month as recently two people came from Britain the authorities have been tracking their movements.
The South Pacific nation announced last week that it has ended community transmission of the virus.
While these cases have caused concern about the possibility of a comeback in countries that have contained their outbreak, the disease has been affecting a lot of people in other regions that have an immense population.

New Zealand

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