Pakistan passport No. 196

Number 196 in the list of 199 countries, Pakistan passport:

Pakistan passport No. 196:

An American consultancy firm is also ranked number 196 in the list of 199 countries, Pakistan passport. The Pakistani passports were among the most evil nations passport to travel the world.
Pakistan passport No. 196

Nomad is the status of the capitalist firm five named countries, including visa-free travel, the tax system, their international reputation, citizenship and civil liberties there. Remember this Pakistan passport No. 196. It has been ranked 50% to facilitate travel without visas, taxation of 20%, 10% credibility, citizenship, 10%, and 10% of the overall value.Each value is applied at the individual score.

Nomad passport first came to Sweden in 2017, while the index of 199 countries are Belgium, Italy and Spain second and third. United Kingdom of the list in 16th place, is in the United States 35th, while India’s 160 th last.

In the last five countries Leebiya (195), Pakistan (196), Eritrea (197), Iraq (198) and Afghanistan (199).

Nomad capitalist is said to have stated the reasons for the ranking is the first and foremost thing is visa-free travel. In Germany comes first.

Taxes are the most important part. Nomad capitalist says that a person should not be forced to tax only on the basis of nationality. It is a tax on non-resident citizens on how it is viewed. Does this list in more tax countries do not tax the income of Monaco citizens if they are out of the country.
Credibility is an important component of what country it was seen in those with a passport that allows the second invited country or who are treated with the country’s citizens is aggressive. Dual citizenship is an important component to allow and don’t allow them to keep it at all the countries that allow all citizens given 10 score they have been 50 score.



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