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Pakistan the heaven for Cyber Criminals

Technology news : CPLC in its letter said that it receives countless complaints regarding fake calls deceiving citizens into receiving a phony prize, misleading text messages, threatening and harassing through mobile phone calls and messages and so on. However, CPCL said, FIA is unable for any action against all such crimes due to the absence of PECO.

Citizen Police Liaison Committee  Chief, through a letter  apprised the Federal Law , Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Minister that in the absence of Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance  Law 2007 (lapsed in 2010), Pakistan had become a safe heaven for cyber criminals and con artists whereas the law enforcement agencies were unable to take legal action against them.

Letter referenced to an incident in which CPLC received once such complaint from a trader of Jodia Bazar where the culprits had disappeared after he (trader) transferred Rs 10,000 to them via easy load. Culprits had promised a hefty lottery money to the trader.

After receiving several complains, Sindh CPLC Chief Ahmed Chinoy asked FIA to take up such cases for necessary action as per law . In response to Chinoy’s letter, FIA told him that due to the absence of PECO , they were unable to take any action against the offenders .

Letter that was addressed to the Federal Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Minister to draw his attention towards the PECO Law 2007, which had been lapsed in 2010.

Urging the federal minister to revoke PECO, letter said that these criminals were intentionally harming the physical, mental and financial position of their victims by using modern telecommunication networks such as internet and mobile phones.




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