PM rules out lockdown once again despite Punjab govt recommendations

Prime Minister Imran Khan dismisses the extensive lockdown on his visit to Lahore during a meeting which included Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, Governor Muhammad Sarwar, and other officials to assess the virus situation in the Province.

The Prime Minister visited Lahore after the Punjab government had sent a proposition to the federal government on stiffening the lockdown situations in the province mainly Lahore. This lockdown was planned to contain the number of coronavirus cases.

After holding the meeting with the provincial government’s executives PM Imran Khan said that the plan of smart lockdown will be enforced and we will make sure the all standard operation procedures (SOPs) are followed to make sure that the novel coronavirus is contained.
Addressing a press conference in Lahore alongside CM Buzdar, Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid and his advisers, the PM said that “After analysing with my Punjab team today we have decided that we will not impose a lockdown but we will impose selective lockdown which means we will trace and seal all hotspots. He said adding that the country’s administration and police were not in a place to take such a huge burden of a complete lockdown.”
He restated that in South Asian countries the affliction of lockdown would affect the poor people who rely on daily wages. For countries like us, the only option is smart lockdown so that the burden doesn’t fall on poor people.
He added “Observing that the public had made light of government authorized SOPs. If for example, people in a factory don’t follow the SOPs, we will shut down the factory and then poor people will lose their income.”
He said “We were leaving it on you the public until now but sadly I don’t see people taking it seriously. People think that it is like the flu.” He added that the government has now come up with a system to crack down on violators and apprehend those behind them.

Talking more about the new system Dr Faisal Sultan prime minister’s focal person on coronavirus said that the government has prepared a modern and practical software to help identify all coronavirus hotspots around the country. 
He said, “This will allow the administration to enforce a stricter restriction or a smart lockdown.”
The Prime Minister said that the volunteers of the Corona Tiger Force will go to these hotspots and report will violation of SOPs in July.

Yesterday a handout was issued by the Punjab CM’s Office which said that the government wanted to enforce stricter restriction in the province mainly in Lahore as the situation has been more critical thereafter approval from the federal government.

Last week the World Health Organization short for WHO showed concern over the lifting of all SOPs in a letter which was sent to all the provinces stating that Pakistan did not meet any of the prerequisites for opening the lockdown.

This notified Pakistan that it has the highest positivity rate make the situation more serious and how poor efforts of the government regarding the situation.
To control the massive transmission of coronavirus the WHO recommended that the provinces should impose a Two-week lockdown. They strongly recommended that the two weeks off and on strategy will help.


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