Prime Minister says national parks ‘big step’ for future

Islamabad: The Prime Minister said, “Creation of national parks is a very big step for the future generation.” He also stressed on the importance of provoking the local youth in their maintenance to make sure these parks are preserved.
The prime minister said this at a ceremony held at the PM House today where Prime Minister Adviser on climate change Malik Ameen Aslam gave an update to the attendees about the national parks project.
The Prime Minister said that this initiative will create employment opportunities for people across the provinces mainly the youth. He gave an example of Chitral where the local population had gotten involved and preserved ibexes which in return helped them in getting more jobs.
The prime minister deplores that he had witnessed the destruction of Murree other green areas that were present during his youth but couldn’t due to an increase in population.
He said, “Pakistan faces a big danger because of climate changes and global warming.” He added that the government has planned to plant 10 billion trees to protect and sustain the environment.
PM Imran said that the Pakistan government will provide some guidelines on how to preserve parks until then no park is to be open for the public.
What is the Protected Area Initiative?
According to the Protected Area Initiative, national parks will be made in each province.
The national parks will also offer separate National Park Service and schemes to ensure that they are protected from the earlier established parks across the country.
With this initiative, the government proposes that they will be providing direct employment to 5,000 people and make sure that the wildlife is protected. This will the parks into tourist sports which may also bring investment.

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