S. Sabzwari and S. Kanwal Broke People on Social Media with hate

The fans and followers starting accusing Sabzwari on the divorce he had with his former wife Syra Yusuf which finalized in February of this year. The things his fans and followers accused him of was being a cheater and Sadaf on being a homewrecker. To put an end to these rumors the actor released an explainer video in which he resolved that betrayal was not the reason for the partition of his marriage with Syra.

He later posted a four-minute-long IGTV clip in which he talked about the time of separation with Syra and his marriage with Kanwal and said that he didn’t cheat anyone. In the IGTV clip, he posted Sabzwari said that “I stand in front of God as he is my witness our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and our Holy Quran and my partition with Syra happened in August 2019 and the reason of this separation was not a woman not it was Sadaf or infidelity.”

“However, if anyone thinks otherwise and thinks that we parted or ways because I was cheating, I challenge you to come up with proof. I can tolerate any type of gossip about my family.” The actor is insisting that he met Sadaf through work three to four months after his divorce and the two were only colleagues. He said, “At the time Sadaf was only my college and Syra was my wife who I was separated with.” Talking about the video he posted before “After that video Syra and I tried to save our relationship and resolve our issue but the reason we separated is a very personal matter between us both.” “I didn’t want to divorce Syra, not at all. But because of the issues, we were having and the process for sulha involved us going to court where we mutually decided to get a divorce and go our own way.

At that time I didn’t have any relationship with Sadaf.” Talking about his daughter Sabzwari said “Five, six years later she might look at me and question me saying Baba what is this? And at that time I will have this video as an answer for her. I swear on the Holy Book and I will be able to say Beta look what I said in return. “Anyone who is saying anything against my family or my wife I again challenge you to come to me with proof of my betrayal. Forget proof just come in front of me and say it.” “Many people wanted me to remain quiet but in today’s world, you can get nothing from staying silent. I will protect the honor of my family and my life until my last breath.”


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