Shaan-e-Pakistan 2020 will provide a digital platform for emerging talent

Shaan-e-Pakistan is a combination and collaboration of music, fashion, and culture, a digitally celebrated platform for rising artists.
Shaan-e-Pakistan introduced the second edition of Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Achievement Awards (SEPMA). The main objective of this event is to showcase a positive image of Pakistan. In the second edition their will South Asian bands to bring light to the plethora of the talent hidden in this country.
In an interview with the Images, Producer, and Director Huma Nassr about the event, she told that “the main idea behind this event was to portray the story of talent from the slums and work with the real musicians of Pakistan who may not be able to come forward otherwise.”
She also said, “We ensure that our content is flawless and refreshing for the audience.”
She added “When our Shaan-e-Pakistan show in Colombo had to be postponed due to COVID-19, we decided that the second edition of SEPMA would be a digital endeavor. Our aim is to bring music to such new heights that there would be a budget set by the Government with regard to the music industry. Our musicians have done a lot to bring revenue to this country.”


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