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Singing Poster and a Talking T-Shirt

Singing Poster and a Talking T-ShirtSinging Poster and a Talking T-Shirt

In this technology Radio Tower sends the signals to the T-Shirts and the Posters to move forward.

Now it is possible that you are going somewhere and you saw a poster of any singer. Then you turn on the radio, & it will start playing the song of that singer. And you are doing the jogging and your shirt will absorb your sweat and sent the medical condition of your body to your cellphone.

The Experts of University of Washington has invent these posters and t-shirts which are connected to your Car’s Radio and your Smartphone.

Now the details of the Poster ads will be send to the radio and you can get any information from the radio.Singing Poster and a Talking T-Shirt

From this technology businessman and advertising agencies can get a lot benefits.

And on the other hand, There are sensors fitted in the t-shirt which will analyze the medical behavior of your body all day then it will send the details about your body to your Smartphone.Singing Poster and a Talking T-Shirt

Vice Professor of University of Washington said,

“By making everything connected to you, we can make an entire city smart and intelligent”.

The good thing about this project that it cost less electricity.


Experts calls it “backscattering” in which radio signals emits to open air.

It sends the audio and the data to the environment without damaging the Radio signals.

According to the engineers at bus stop or any public place 3 different techniques poster will telecast the song of the band or the singer. And smartphones 12 feet and car from 60 feet can catch these signals.

It only available for the local radio station which send the signals to the local smartphones or the car.

According to the project team, it is very easy to convert an advertising poster to the small radio station because it use very less energy.

With the same technology in your cloths, there will be different sensors which will analyze and note your Heart Beats, Impulse and your Breathing. And through the small Antenna it will transfer all the data to your smartphone.




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