Teacher’s ‘makeshift tripod’ for online classes wins praises on the internet

In-between the closure of educational institutes all around the world due to coronavirus pandemic a clothes hanger, plastic chair and mobile were all it took for an Indian chemistry teacher to come up with a makeshift tripod to conduct online classes for her students.
The commitment of the teacher won millions of appreciations all across social media.
Moumita B, a chemistry teacher from Pune, share a video on LinkedIn one week ago to show how she was conducting online classes as these pandemic forced millions of students to stay at home.
In the video we see her writing on a chalkboard as she went about teaching the class, she showed everyone if you have a will way can be made.
To be sure that her students could see the chalkboard and the teacher who did not have a tripod skilfully came up with a makeshift one.

The tripod she made was made by tying her phone to a clothes hanger and hanged it between a plastic chair and the ceiling to create the makeshift tripod which allowed her students to look and the chalkboard as she taught.
Moumita wrote on her LinkedIn page “As I didn’t have a tripod, I made an Indian jugad (alternate) for taking online classes from my home.
A screenshot from the video circulated twitter from the chemistry teacher got tons of applause for her commitment and devotion.

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