US biotech firm sees promise in new coronavirus vaccine

Moderna Inc a US biotechnology firm that is testing for COVID-19 medicine showed early data that revealed that a small group of healthy volunteers have protective antibodies.

The data came from eight people who took part in the test which started in March when the cases from the coronavirus were increasing.

A trial was conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases this trial has 45 volunteers out of which eight volunteers who got two doses of the vaccine showed protective antibodies same as the people who recovered from the virus.

The study which was not invented to show if the vaccine works showed hope as it was could now be used to provide protection against the virus.

Scientists are still trying to figure the number of antibodies that will be able to defend against the virus.

The vaccine that Moderna Inc created started to help people and a higher dose would ultimately cure them.

Moderna Inc has been given the green light to start the second stage of human testing and US regulatory have given told them to speed.



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