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We are interactive media group who here a purpose to update user’s with latest information. Our mission is to give you knowledge not only about your surroundings. we will also updates you around the Globe. In field of every aspect of your life. Either it is Politics, Current Affairs, Business, Fashion, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Health.

We will inform you what going on in these areas. The Day Times is name of authentic news it will broad your vision beyond your expectations. We Believe on freedom of Expression and true journalism . Our team is working hard in around the world to provide information. We believe that our user should be informed by us then by other means of communication.

Pakish News an online news and information provider providing you with daily news to inform, attract and empower the whole world by providing you with authentic news. We not only provide you with news about the events going in Pakistan but also events that are going on all around the world.

Pakish  has been trying their best to provide you with the most authentic news with no political affiliation or hidden agenda. We work very hard in providing you news on topics which include Politics, Economy, Sports, Weather Update, Science and Technology and Entertainment.

Pakish News Pakistan priority has always been to provide you with the most exclusive and captivating details in our news. On our website, you can find the latest news event happening from Pakish News Pakistan in all around the world. Every news telling you what is going on in the world and how people are dealing with it.

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