Education increased 11 months in life, seven years of age of cigarette:

Education increased 11 months in life, seven years of age of cigarette:

Scientists say research increase your Life that an average of 11 months a year in the life of everyone in education.

Researchers say that man loses two months of his weight for each kilogram of weight and denies a seven-year-old age of drinking a packet of daily cigarettes.

research increase your Life

The Edinburgh University team responded to their questions with the analysis of differences in the DNA of people.

Ultimately open more new life paths for people:

  • They believe that this research will ultimately open more new life paths for people.

    For this, the researchers studied DNA of more than six million people.
    If someone cigarettes and drinks, he has left the school and is more than the fixed amount, the identification of the effects of any non-healthy habit of such a person can be difficult.

  • Research increase your Life:

  • Some people have DNA fraud or deficiency due to which it is more likely to have hunger or weight loss. Therefore, researchers did not compare people with more foods than those who eat more people than the widespread lifestyle.

research increase your Life

  • Dr. Peter Joshshi of the Aerospace Institute at the University said, “It is not a bad experience. You can see the effects of weight on a long lifetime, separately. ‘
  • Similarly, the time they spend in education and those who enjoy alcohol and cigarettes are also related to the similar fraud or missions group.This study has been published in the journal Nature Communications, which has been revealed that researchers have detected the presence of certain fraud or missions in the human DNA that affects long lifespan.
  • Exclusions in a gene (a combination of hidden orders in DNA) that involve a system of immune systems can add up to seven months in average life.
    Those people who have a discharge that cause increased cholesterol levels end up eight months of life.
    A brave genus called APO, which is associated with a distraction, reduces life by 11 months.
    A gene which causes smoking to be very good reduces five months of life.Dr Joshshi says that this genetic controversy is a small part of the larger image. He says that about 20% of the horizontal or variations of long-term variations can be inherited and yet only one percent of them are found to be diagnosed.

    They say that genealogy affects long lifespan, but the type of life you choose has more effect.

    Dr Joshi told : ‘We hope to discover the new and brave genes that are long-lived, so that we get new information about the growth.’



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