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Preparation of new space rocket, ‘By 2024, ordinary citizens will be able to go to Mars’

Ordinary citizens will be able to go to Mars:

Preparation of new space rocket:

Alon Moak, head of US technology companies, Tester and Space X, says they plan to send general people to Mars by 2024 that Preparation of new space rocket.
Preparation of new space rocket

Addressing the function in Australia’s Adelaide, he said that the next year his company will start preparing the spacecraft for this task.

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From this proposed rocket system called BFR, people will be able to move from one city to another.

Addressing the International Easter Signal Congress, he said that those people who now consider long distance (long), such a number of visits will be completed in half an hour.

Remember that Alan Moch has announced plans to carry out ordinary people Mars last year in front of the International Easter Signal Congress. One year later, he has given more details about it.

Their BFR rocket is 106 meters high and nine meters wide. Last year, the new design compared to the proposed rocket is very small, but Alonkot says that the most important thing in this proposed year’s rocket is a decrease in price.

“I think we have solved the price issue,” he said.

This means that the BFR will launch satellite services, serve as a spaces like ships of Space X, but they will also bring people to Mars and Moon and ‘Point’ on the Earth To Point ‘will also travel as if Shanghai travel from New York will be completed in 40 minutes.



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