For me it was the first time I began to embrace a man

For me it was the first time I began to embrace a man:

Began embrace man:

Began embrace man that for me it was the first time I began to embrace a man.Bollywood film I was shooting out of love ‘. Salman Khan film actress ran teaser bhagyh Sirius and suddenly fell down, laughing bhagyh Sirius said, “is, no one, nothing.”

began embrace man2

The film’s director was ics like this and they are incorporated in the film of the camera dialogue.

28 years ago the movie “The odds in love, the bhagyh Sirius and Sirius bhagyh today. Rakhi Sharma spoke to journalists bhagyh Shri.

She says the sun was ideal bhagyh Shri heroin ics film. Today, they have been totally glamorous avatar.

Bhagyh Shari says about this change are: a lack of confidence in me before.When i began embrace man it is too much for me but today i understand that woman with age and flourished and is confident. The same thing happened with me. ”

He said: “I fulfilled my dream of getting an education. I am a nyutrysnst. I studied from Stanford. ”

“I love Salman Khan’s first film proved to be the only bhagyh.

Pair them with Salman was enough choice. The film topped the Bollywood Salman arrived at bhagyh but Sirius gave importance to marriage and family.

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She says that if he had continued his film career, life is very different.

He said: “I left a lot. I can do a lot. Many could work with talented people. But I made a decision and stick to it. If I choose to live life in the film is very different. ”

After the movie, I loved ‘Sirius has so bhagyh the movies, but only with my husband Himalayas.


She says they did not refrain from romantic scenes in movies with other actors, but they just were confident with my husband.


Film in several scenes were changed because I love bhagyh Shari ‘, the Khan had openly. Bhagyh says that while Sirius only had one scene that they had difficulty in that.

He had to be told: ‘arms race in San Salman me. Today’s generation probably have laughed but it was the first time for me when I was hugging a man. ”

She says: very conservative in. I was so upset at the scene of the set. Salman ics and tried to solve it and I knew that this scene could be filmed in another way. After the considerably inclined to be complete this scene. ‘
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Shri bhagyh Married and four children are happy with family life, their first star Salman Khan, there are now enjoying the virginity.

Bhagyh Shri Salman said the question of marriage: “I do not know if they got married, but Salman mingled with many children. He takes good care of children. When will their own children, they will prove to be a good father. ”

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Shri bhagyh still do not see much in films but now coming into his son Dusan abhymnyu early films.