Indian groom’s wedding, funeral leave over 100 infected with coronavirus

More than 100 people tested positive for coronavirus in India after they attended a wedding and the funeral of the groom who had tied the knot while being infected from the virus.
Officials in Bihar said on Wednesday that a 26-year-old groom showed symptoms of the deadly virus when he got married on June 15.
He died two days later.
The Chief Medical Officer said, “So far 111 people who either went to the wedding or the funeral have tested positive.”
He added, “All others have been diagnosed and isolated.” Doctors don’t know for sure if the unnamed groom was the source of the infection as he was cremated before any tests we carried out.”
The Chief medical officer said around 400 people who attended the wedding or the funeral would be isolated with an increase in the number of cases.
The groom was a software engineer who had come back from New Delhi only a week before the wedding had shown symptoms before the wedding. He was temporarily added to hospital but later discharged by his family and they hosted the wedding with over 300 guests.
He died at his home two days later, his funeral was attended by 200 people. Few people attended both the wedding and the funeral. None of the groom relatives including the bride tested positive.
An investigation was launched by the authorities into possible violations of social distancing regulations on the number of guests on both the wedding and funeral.
According to the law, no more 50 guests are allowed to India’s weddings and just 20 people are allowed at funerals to limit the risk of spreading the coronavirus.
The epidemic has affected around 1.3 billion people with around 600,000 infections and 17,000 deaths to date.
Experts believe a lack of testing is hiding the true figures and that the nationwide toll is far higher than reported.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has relaxed the lockdown restriction despite an increase in cases and on Tuesday he warned the nation to be more careful.
The Prime Minister said “We have been careless. I again want you wall to observe precautions in the same way as under lockdown.”


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