PM Imran urges G-20 to ‘do more’ in debt relief amid Covid-19 pandemic

Prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that the G-20 countries that came up with the debt relief program have to do more work to help developing countries cope with the pandemic due to COVID-19.

Addressing the World Economic Forum via video link he said “What he developing world needs is a fiscal space so that in these challenging times they can invest in their health sectors as health sectors all around the world are the middle of this pandemic.

PM Imran Khan said,“the experience of the developed countries is different than those countries which are not developed like Pakistan, India and the entire subcontinent are facing due to COVID-19.” The number of cases are rising but the cure is slower.

He also said, “On one hand we have to stop this virus spread that why these countries are still on lockdown, but at the same time we have to stop the poverty caused due to the lockdown.”

The prime minister told the members of the video call that “25 million people in Pakistan earn daily wages and because of the lockdown they have lost their jobs to eliminate the problem government came up with the solution of immediate cash transfer and till now we have given 15 million families a fixed amount of cash to help with the problems they have faced due to the lockdown.

He also said, “but we had to gradually relax the lockdown as we were not able to hand out cash to people for an infinite period other economically developed countries have also realized this and started opening part of their countries.”

“We acknowledged that we have to live with corona virus until is a vaccine is found therefore we have created a volunteer force to help administration and law enforcement agencies.”


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