US-Canada border to remain closed through June 21

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that “Canada and United States have agreed that they will be extending the ban on nonessential travels between the two countries for 30 more days to protect their people against coronavirus.”

Trudeau said that the border is still vulnerable that why we have agreed to extend the ban for 30 more days to protect us and keep our countries safe.

US officials have not officially confirmed Trudeau’s announcement, but the acting US Department of Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf said that “on Tuesday the administration of President Donald Trump is likely to extend the travel restriction between both the Canadian and Mexican border.”

Chad Wolf told the news at the US Chamber of Commerce event” We have to look into the health care situations going on in our border countries like Mexico and Canada and the number of cases they have.”

Trump has said before that the US and Canada are doing well in handling the pandemic but many Canadians are afraid to reopen their businesses.

Crucial cross-border workers which include healthcare professionals, airline crews, and truck drivers are still authorized to cross. As truck drivers move food and medical goods across the border as most of Canada’s food supply comes from the US.


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