Rolls-Royce plans to cut 9,000 jobs as air travel slumps

The British Jet engine makers Rolls Royce on Wednesday announced that they will be cutting jobs of 9000 people and will be shutting down different factories to adjust to the aviation market that will be developing after the coronavirus pandemic.

Rolls Royce is one the famous industries in the United Kingdom for supplying engine for large aircraft like Boeing 787, Airbus A340 and many others

The company gets paid on the hour’s plane flies but this pandemic has caused airlines toshutdown which is directly affecting their earning as many airlines have been shut down.

Rolls Royce chief executive Warren East told the news “It’s all about adjusting our capacity to meet future demand.”

They mainly rely on aerospace for more than half of its annual revenue or 15 billion pounds or 18.3 billion dollars so the company has decided that they will be mainly cutting jobs from their civil aerospace unit.

Robert Buckland the British Justice said that the UK would look at how they will able to help Rolls-Royce employees. He said that “Clearly we will have to go to work with the employer to look at the options.” “All of us will be looking not just at Rolls Royce but at the whole sector and the significance of this for the supply chains as well, let’s not forget them, that we make sure we are doing everything for the supply chains, let’s not forget about them, to make sure that the things we are doing are enough to support the highly skilled people that are part of our economy.

Rolls Royce

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