China India agree to disengage after deadly clash in Ladakh

China and India have agreed to decrease the tension a week after classes on their contested Himalayan border caused the death of the 20 Indian troops in a hand to hand combat.
There was a June 15 battle in which they fought with fists, clubs, and rocks, and marked the first-time troops have been killed on the border since 1975 and marked a major degradation in ties between the two Asian giants.
Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that after the talks between the top regional military commander on Monday both sides have agreed to take necessary measures to promote the cooling of the situation.
Zhao in a regular conference told the news “The holding of this meeting shows that both sides want to deal with their disagreement, manage the situation and de-escalate the situation through dialogue and consultations.”
Zhao added, “The two sides exchanged frank and in-depth views and agreed to maintain dialogue and jointly committed to promoting peace and serenity in border areas.”
There was no official comment from New Delhi but based on the source of an Indian army office that after the meeting reporting lasting almost 11 hours there was mutual consent to withdraw.
He also said that way to reduce friction in the Ladakh region opposite Tibet was discussed and will be taken forward by both sides.”
The June 15 violence took place around 4,500 above sea level in Galwan valley, where both sides accused each other of infringing on their respective territory.
China has also suffered some casualties but hasn’t given any details.
India’s media reports suggest that China had more than 40 casualties.

China and India

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