Europe and Asia have taken a Courageous Step of Relaxing the Lockdown

Countries across Europe and Asia have taken a courageous step of relaxing the lockdown and have started reopening the school, pubs parks, and pills in some parts of the country, but at the same time, Latin America is still being affected by the outbreak with around 1 million cases. Countries like Russia to France, Italy, and Britain have started to turn up from the long lockdown, they have been carefully returning to their normal ways of life while still taking care of themselves.

Bars in Finland and Norway reopened to serve their customer and at the same time following the rules of lockdown and keeping in the social distance and decreasing the number of hours. School and Britain and Greece will also be opening their schools on Monday. The decision of reopening schools in Britain caused contempt between the people and they started blaming the government of moving too fast “Covid-19 is spreading to fast to lift the lockdown in England” Tweeted by the Scientific advisor Jeremy Farrar. He added, “Britain is the second-highest country when talking about the death of people due to coronavirus after the US and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for bungling the response to the outbreak early on.”

The leaders of Russia also faced Backlash on relaxing the restriction in the capital Moscow as it is the epicenter of the outbreak and it has been under lockdown for a few months. Shopping malls and parks have also been reopened on Monday despite the high number of coronavirus cases. We have opened our business for two hours and we already have clients. I’m pretty optimistic, I think people will back to their normal routine little by little” Olga said at her shop while selling handbags and jewelry in central Moscow. Other cities in Europe took some more courageous steps. Greece opens some of its hotels, schools, pools, and tattoo parlor, in Slovenia an essential rule to always wear masks.

Rome’s framed Colosseum that every person who visits the colosseum should an Italian national, “We took advantage of the fact that foreign tourists aren’t here yet” said Pierluigi adding that it was his first visit to the massive amphitheater. In France, parks in Paris for the first time after the lockdown after which restaurants. The United States which is the worst affected nation when talking about the patients affected with coronavirus, Washington, and Los Angeles resumed their online dining and New York will also be reopening their dining services from 8 June. Some Asian countries have started on a cautious path to recovery, for example, Thailand which mainly relies on tourists’ visits and spendings. The kingdom has also reopened with beaches nationwide after the two months of being in lockdown in the efforts of trying to revive tourism in their country. German expatriate Heidi Glemeau told AFP after an early morning dip on the desert beach in Pattaya “I couldn’t resist the Temptation. It’s become a paradise just like it was 30 years ago.”

India announced that they will start easing the lockdown by June even if the number of cases rises. Bangladesh also lifted it lockdown on Sunday which leads to millions of people going back to work. The Philippines while still gaining in the number of cases has relaxed the lockdown of its capital city to help the economy. “The virus is frightening,” salesman Himmler Gaston told AFT in Manila “but it’s on you either you die from the virus or you die from hunger.” In Italy, the Italian doctors have been claiming that they don’t have any new coronavirus cases he said: “new coronavirus cases no longer exists.” This caused a disturbance in the country with the government asking people to be cautious. Italy is preparing this week for the next big step for relaxing the lockdown which three months ago. They are allowing foreign tourists to revisit and allowing people to move between regions. The government is still requesting people to keep social distance and wear masks to preventing the virus from spreading again.”

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