SOPs relaxed for people returning from Afghanistan

Landhi Kotal: As there a change in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Pakistani’s that are coming back to Pakistan from Afghanistan via the Torkham border as the mandatory stay at the quarantine centers in Khyber tribal district have been eased as arrival 413 people arrive last Saturday.
Officials said that no newly arrived Pakistani were kept any of the prebuild seven quarantine centers in the tribal district under the new SOPs. They were allowed to leave for their corresponding district of residence after they were served one-time food and after taking swab samples at the government degree college center.
The administration had built seven quarantine centers in the mid of April in Landhi Kotal, Jamrud alongside isolation wards at all the three hospitals of Bara, Jamrud, and Landi Kotal to provide immediate Covid-19 related health facilities to those coming from Afghanistan by the Torkham border. These quarantine centers had 1,550 beds altogether.
The local authorities would immediately shift all returning Pakistani to these quarantine centers with initial screening with thermal guns and then taking their swab samples within 48 hours of their arrival and providing them food and lodging facility.
Around 2000 Pakistani who came from Afghanistan were kept at these centers. At the time they came to the quarantine centers got tested for novel coronavirus infection. Health authorities later shifted those tested positive to an isolation ward and those who came back negative were sent back to their homes.
Deputy Commissioner Mehmud Asalam Wazir told the news “The policy has now changed under the new SOPs and we don’t keep any of the newly returned Pakistan in these centers.”
He said that those people who were sent back to their homes were after being tested by taking their test through swab and advise them to stay home till they get the test result.



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