Smart lockdown begins in Karachi’s Covid-19 hotspots

Different locations in Karachi to be in smart lockdown according to the notification issued by the Karachi Commissioner to control the spread of the virus.
Based on the notification the lockdown will start from 7 pm Thursday 18/June/2020 till the 2nd of July.
According to the notification, the residents living in these restricted areas are required to wear a mask. Only one person from each house is allowed to leave their house to buy groceries or other necessary items by showing their Computerised National Identity Card short for CNIC to the law enforcement agencies.
Only grocery shops and pharmacies are allowed to remain open in these areas and industrial units in these areas will remain closed. Takeaway and home delivery of food items will not be allowed.
The residents living in these areas are not allowed to hold private gatherings inside their home. No joy riding or pillion riding is allowed and public and private transports which include Careem, Airlift, Swvl, and Uber are also suspended in these areas.
The notification also said that the government would try to provide rations to the needy families in these areas by using their own resources and through the help of charitable organizations and would also try to provide mobile dispensaries for the residents.
The notification was directed to the deputy commissioner to coordinate with the health and law enforcement department which include police and rangers to provide logical support and implement the lockdown.
The Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umer said that the government is taking these steps to contain the spread of Covid-19 by this targeted lockdown strategy.
Addressing to a press conference in Islamabad he said that “All provinces have been fully briefed about the steps being taken to contain the spread of the virus. It’s our hope that this attempt will help us in stopping the spread and all us to decrease the cases.
The smart lockdown was first implemented in Islamabad and it revealed a decrease in the number of cases by 90% in an area of the federal capital that got sealed on March 13.
Islamabad’s Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat told the news “Around 100 cases were being reported daily from Sector G-9 but after the lockdown was implemented the number of cases has decreased to 8-9 per day. It is nothing but benefit of the lockdown as the people have started to stay at their homes more.”
He said during the lockdown no one was allowed to leave their houses for no reason and people were encouraged to stay in their home to decrease the chances of human to human transmission of this virus.

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